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"Everything for my baby" - according to this motto windeln.de was founded in 2010 by Konstantin Urban, Alexander Brand and Dagmar Mahnel. Today windeln.de has a total of more than 200 employees and has developed into one of the leading online retailers of products for babies, toddlers and families. The company, which is headquartered in Munich and has a presence in six other European countries, also operates a successful cross-border e-commerce business with customers in China.

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Range of products

In order to be able to offer customers with more than 50,000 products in the online shop as diverse a product range as possible, windeln.de maintains close relationships with over 500 suppliers. The wide range of products ranges from diapers, baby food and drugstore items to clothing, toys, strollers, bicycle trailers, furniture and safety items such as car seats for children.

Since 2018, products for older children and their parents, i.e. all about family needs, have also been offered. The range now also includes the categories beauty, nutritional supplements and partnership.

But “green” products are also enjoying increasing popularity with customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Whether natural cosmetics, organic food or eco diapers - the growth rate is very high for sustainable brands. The cloth diaper category, for example, is growing by at least 60% annually. The range of sustainable brands is therefore to be steadily expanded, which are presented on the subject of "sustainability" in the online shop and to educate customers about the advantages of these.

Our mission

“We are the ones who support when the life of young parents becomes dynamic. When small and large miracles happen that turn everything upside down. We address everything that challenges parents, even if they are sensitive topics. Because there are phases in life when we need clear statements, bold and real. That's life with children - colorful and dynamic, beautiful, but challenging. We are convinced that you as parents are doing a wonderful job and that you put all your heart and soul into your children - every single day. Because what matters most of all is trust in yourself as parents. And we underline that - with everything we do. "


windeln.de SE

As a specialist in baby, children's and family products, windeln.de would like to accompany families as an advisor on their way and support them in all parental situations. In addition to a comprehensive product portfolio, customers benefit from the comprehensive expert knowledge of e.g. midwives, paediatricians and gynecologists in the windeln.de online magazine. With detailed information and pictures, they support parents in over 1,000 windeln.de SE experts editorial articles on all questions relating to pregnancy, birth, child development and parenting.

Did you know that...

Approx. 6000 DIAPERS

Matthias Peuckert, CEO windeln.de SE

Matthias Peuckert
CEO windeln.de SE

“We see it as our task to give our customers the best possible service and to improve it every day. We are a specialist in a very emotional environment and take the high standard of providing our customers with information, security and service very seriously. We want to continue to offer attractive prices, informative content in cooperation with midwives, doctors and therapists as well as fast and reliable delivery, ”says Matthias Peuckert, CEO windeln.de SE.

“Due to the increasing online affinity of young families, we expect that consumers in this area will continue to shop more online - and we want to benefit from this trend. We also want to further expand our market position in the cross-border e-commerce market in China, which is being stimulated, among other things, by the demand from Chinese customers for well-known and trustworthy Western brands.

windeln.de SE

In order to be able to offer customers the multitude of products that can be conveniently ordered over the Internet, windeln.de SE operates the web shops windeln.de, windeln.ch and the three southern European shops bebitus.com, bebitus.pt and bebitus.fr.

Windeln.de SE currently has a total of six logistics centers (Berlin / Germany, Barcelona / Spain, Ginsheim-Gustavsburg near Frankfurt am Main / Germany, Guangzhou / China and two warehouses in Ningbo / China).

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windeln.de SE

windeln.de SE
Annual report

Windeln.de has been listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since May 6, 2015. Further information about windeln.de SE can be found in the current annual report.